I recently enjoyed reading Poker Pro Steve O'Dwyer's interview about playing ZOOM tournaments. What really grabbed my attention was his following comment about the Quick Fold button:


"Of course you should use Quick Fold when you have a really bad hand, but be careful not to over use it when you are on the button, cutoff, or small blind positions. In those three positions you generally shouldn't Quick Fold too wide a percentage, but rather only the very worst of your hands."

This got me thinking. How about trying some more aggressive plays pre-flop when I am in the Small Blind, and possibly the Big Blind. Here are three plays I recently attempted:

It's a junk hand; but everyone has folded. Why not see if the BB will also fold? Hey, it worked. I don't think that this will work everytime with hands this bad, but 1 in 50 is worth a try?

So I'm at BB, and with one limper and SB folding, why NOT raise pocket 2s!? Post flop, the board is horrible for my hand, but I c-bet anyway. There is the weakest of back door flushes. I get a call. So c-bet again on the turn. Aggression pays off. I collect!

Okay - so this third example is a genuine hand. I 3-bet pre-flop, and the original raiser calls. The flop is good for pocket kings, but I don't want a flush draw to hang around. He calls. At the turn, I want to test if he has the flush, or make him believe that I might, so a half-pot bet. He folds. No flush; probably no flush draw either. Maybe just an A, with a 2, 3 or 7 kicker that hit the board. Aggression pays.

Did I make the right plays? Would you try risking some of these plays occasionally? Let me know.