Variance is not a word I knew very well when I first started playing poker. However, if I had not learnt how this term relates to my game, I would have been in a VERY foul mood yesterday when I was playing on ZOOM.



Variance in ZOOM #2

I played it cheap before the flop to entice players, and hope that no A or K would hit. I made all the right plays. When he bet the flop, I'm thinking it's not an over pair because of his limp at pre-flop. He has probably hit one of the cards, or he has a weak A. So I raise. He shoves. Was I wrong? NO. He has top pair with good kicker.

He has 5 outs for each of the turn and river. Five measly outs. He gets one on the river. I lose. That's variance.

Needless to say, I didn't continue. I took some time to myself, had a snack. Then the word "variance" came to mind. Sometimes you lose even when you make all the right plays. Sometimes the player with a significantly lower percentage to win, does win. That's the nature of gambling. It was at this point when I relaxed, and realised that if I keep playing things right, I will make back my loss.

If you read my blog about Omaha, this is when I won back my money and more.

Now, on the flip side, I became the victor to Variance:

Variance in ZOOM #1

After the pre-flop 3-bet and the raise on the flop, I'm quite certain that he has a strong A, probably AK. If so, I make a "crazy" call. If he has a K with no A, then I have good outs, which is an okay call.

The strong raise at the turn makes me absolutely certain he has A or K or both; I raise to try to bluff the flush, because my outs in this situation are very low.

Then the ONLY card that can save me hits on the river. I realise that I had 3 real outs. That's variance in ZOOM!