I've noticed one feature missing from ZOOM that can be so useful in all other parts of PokerStars. It's something you value when you review your hands.

I've just recently reached the point in my online Poker playing where I spend 10% of my time reviewing my cash games through the Instant Hand History. I learn so much from my mistakes, and rejoice (greatly!) in the big pots.

However, it is really hard to get that final edge of learning when your opponent can NEVER click "Show Hand". What if I had QQ and the betting showed AA, so I fold? I can NEVER know. Some players might boast by showing such a hand; but you can't in Zoom.

Other times you might have made a good play, and the opponent doesn't bet into your c-bet. You'll never know if it was too much. Take this hand for example:


I was going to bet the same on the Turn if it was anything but a heart or an A. I especially wanted to push out any flush draw(s) so I bet above the threshold of value. Did I bet too much because it was only an A? Or was it a Q? I'll NEVER know. He probably wouldn't have shown anyway.

So the final question to myself is - should I persist in ZOOM, or is it time to commit to the standard Cash tables?