I have been making a critical error whilst playing ZOOM recently. It was a mistake I used to make all the time when I first started playing Poker (both live and online Play Money). I'm sure others have all made this mistake in their early play. Hopefully some of you haven't continued with it.

Playing weak aces (A-x) out of position; or worse, calling an early raiser with them! The attraction of that Ace was so alluring in my early days. I quickly learnt that it needs a good partner to be worthwhile. I'm now quite happy to fold A2 when I'm UTG.

However, the allure of ZOOM distracted me from my well learnt lessons. Things moving so fast - hand after hand after hand - I got caught up in the power of the Ace; and I have paid a moderate price for playing weak Aces when I'm early position, or calling an early position raise when I'm in late position.


It took about five hands to realise I was making this mistake. I would call a weak Ace early, and sometimes everyone would fold and I'd get the Blinds. Maybe that's what tricked me into a bad habit.


It was the AQ from UTG that crushed my A6 in late position when the flop had an Ace, and no 6 showed, that was one of the wake ups. The other was my early position raise with A9 (that looks attractive, doesn't it) with a tricky call from an AK. We both checked it down to the river, and when that Ace hit, I bet, and he raised. I figured he had a weaker Ace since he only called. How wrong was I!

So remember - ZOOM is just the same as any other Cash game when it comes to pre-flop hand selection and positional play. I've paid enough to learn the lesson.