I was cruising in Zoom during the mid PM hours AEST (Australia) on a Sunday, which makes it morning in GMT. The Zoom tables were moderately full, but I quickly noticed that aggressive play easily paid off. I was calling fairly tight in early position, but raising and continuation betting in mid and late position, as well as SB and BB to great profit.

However, I then cruised the tables again in the early AM hours AEST on a Monday, which made it mid PM hours on Sunday in GMT. The tables had more players, and this exact same style of play did NOT pay well. I quickly lost my buy-in, not just once, but twice. The second time was unfortunate to a well played QQ vs my JJ.

The only fortune I had was finally to call a standard raise in the Cut Off with 33. I was fortunate to make my set on the flop, with an A showing. As the boom replay will show, this was extremely profitable:


So my advice to ZOOM players, adjust your style based on the time, and possibly the day!