hi all,
         i suppose the best way to start this is to tell you a little bit about me an my poker life. I started playing poker around 3 years ago, seems alot longer though. at 1st it was just £5 home games with freinds as most people start, little did i know the world of online poker was waiting for me. i 1st deposited on pokerstars last year, needless to say that money never lasted very long, after a string of reloads and then goin busto i had a break from mindlesly losing money to really think about the game. then a website called pokertube offered me a stake on ultimate bet, i played HU cash games in which i was very succsseful, i turned my $200 dollar stake into $2000 dollars in under a month. But the worst thing about winning is that you feel invinceable, i started playing $1 $2 HU cash games for which i did not have the bankroll for and inevatably a month later i was bust, lesson learnt. so now i suppose im back to grinding the small cash game an sit n gos until i can get back to were i want to be, which hopefully will be sooner rather then later.

thanks for reading, this will be a regular blog so if any one has any questions dont be afraid to ask...

:mrgreen:  gl at the tables