When I first took up the challenge I quickly noted that some of the German players who had undertaken this a year earlier, quickly breezed through 2NL and some had achieved the $120 BR mark within 4000 hands, unfortunately I wasn’t to be that lucky. If I remember correctly, I pretty much ran even for about 6000 hands, I just couldn’t get going; I’d always end up getting sucked out to some bad player.
At around the 7000 hand mark, I had a massive tilting session, you can blame my missus for that one. Things just didn’t go my way; normally I am calm enough to hit the fold button but not that night. I was pretty enoyed off with myself after that; poker without self control is just suicide.
But at the 10k hand mark, things started to fall into position. I had come down from 25NL full ring, it went from aggro to extremely passive, calling stations and I had to alter my play somewhat. I quickly learned to only 3bet for value, villains only 3bet AA-KK’s. I reverted back to fit or fold, ABC poker. This style of poker really limits your losses and there are enough bad players at 2NL to grind out a profit, it may take you longer to reach $40 than playing a more optimal style.

Overall it had taken me just over 19.5K hands, and just over two months to grind a $40 profit.

It had been a while since I’ve played at 2NL, but it hasn’t changed, my observations are:-

·         Villains are extremely passive preflop
·         3bets are rare
·         Villains who do 3bet, are mainly aggro fish
·         2NL is swimming with calling stations
·         Villains call a lot of cbets (I make my cbets bigger to extract more value when you hit)
·         Lots of open limpers
·         Villains will chase draws (a lot!)
·         Only 3bet for value, and villains do not 3bet wide
·         Shove the river more, you’ll be surprised how many callers you get
Player types:-
There are a lot of bad players at 2NL and they always come in two forms, 1) loose-passive and 2) loose-aggressive. Number 1) is always making calling mistakes and 2) is making betting mistakes. Your plan should be simple- against a loose-passive player; we value bet them to death, and fold to their raises. Loose aggro, we value bet them and make big calls. That simple.
As with all poker, patience and self control is the key, and fold when you should be folding. Not many people bluff at the micros.

Here's my 2NL graph http://img827.imageshack.us/img827/6800/2nlgraphm.jpg

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