Let me give you a brief overview. Before taken up this challenge I was a FR player and have always been. I started at 2NL and recently moved up to 25NL, but lately I have fallen out of love with FR (t5oo many nits; not enough action!), so for the last week or two I have been contemplating moving over to 6max, taking some shots and see if I have a preference for it. 
Whilst contemplating , I recently came across a blog on ‘IntelliPoker’ (Pokerstars German Training Site) where an instructor there, some of you may know him, ‘Xflixx’ challenged himself to grind up through the micros, starting with a $80 BR and attempt to grind up to 100NL, then record and discuss his progress on his blog.
So to add some extra spice into my poker playing I’ve decided to attempt ‘Xflixx’s grinding up through the Micros’ challenge. Starting with an $80 BR and at 2NL and detail my progress within a thread. If anyone would like to join me in my quest, please PM me.
So the increments that I have to profit at each stake level are as:-
Stake                     Profit $                 $ BR
2NL                        $40                         $120
5NL                        $130                       $250
10NL                      $200                       $450
25NL                      $450                       $900
So really, how hard are the micros? I read posts saying the micros are easy; all you have to do is value bet, value bet!! But the truth of the matter is many players find beating the micros a tough proposition (including myself). Starting at 2NL, let’s see it for ourselves……………………..
NB – Unfortunately I had the idea for starting my blog just as I was coming to the $40 grinding mark within the 2NL stake. Therefore 2NL is going to be thin on the ground but I’ll try and conclude with some observations.