Greetings Friends of the Felt,

Since the 14th of this month when I was in the Top 700 @ around 1610+ points, I have drawn myself into some really pathetic play.  Some of the losses were from suck outs, some as I was a short stack with a Mid to high A and going against a pocket pair, and some.. well, just being dumb!

With this said, I'm currently below the Top 4000, I was not going to play in the last freerolls of the month as it would be about to gain 3000+ spots in 1 night!  However, with the new promotion for the Sunday Million, I needed about 14 points in order to gain a ticket for December. So, I'm playing with the hope that I can finish in the Top 100 to ensure getting the needed points in order to qualify. This would be a GREAT end to what has really been a disasterous month (last 14-17 days) for me.

I'm hoping that December is good to me with a Top 1000 finish, preferably top 100, but I'll take the baby steps of rebuilding any reputation that I have started to develop this month as a less than mediocre player.

Thanks for reading,

UPDATE: As of 12:42am EST - Eliminated in 67th place.... I hope this is enough for the promo... but regardless... it's a good start going into December!