Greetings Friends of the Felt,

Some of you have seen my around over the last 2 months and  some of you have taken my chips (which is most over the last couple weeks) and I figured I would introduce myself.

My name is Scott, reside outside of Buffalo, NY. I took almost a 3 year break from playing due to my daughter being born and other issues, like work, finishing my masters degree and other hobbies.

I am a die-hard Buffalo Sabre fan (I know there are a few puck-heads among you!). Most of the time I'm not a big chatter at the table, I find that this takes the focus away, especially early. I'm more apt to talk after making the money and I will talk at the final table.

Anyhow, I registered as a PSO player on 9/15/10 and managed to earn enough pennies to play a NAPL Rookie League .10 tourney on 10/1/10, which I ended up actually winning!!! Hitting for $88 on a dime buy-in felt REALLY good, especially since this became my bankroll! 

However, my game over the last week or 2 has gone in the toliet. Dropping from a Top-1000 position to a sub-2000 position (as of this post). I'm not happy about this as I know I'm a better player than this. I'm not going to get into some of hands that have beat me, it will just sound like sour grapes. I just hope get back to a respectable level by the end of the month.

As for poker goals for 2011 (yeah, it's early and they can change):
1) Grow my bankroll by 50% each month for the 1st 4 months of 2011.
2) Make 2 Final tables a month.
3) Win at least one MTT tournament before May 1, 2011 (PSO, NAPL, etc)
4) Get a Top 10 monthly finish in the PSO Monthly Standings.

I don't expect to become the next big thing in Poker, I just want to be able to improve my game to the point I can sustain myself as a part-time, occasional player.

As for new blogs, I don't know how often I'll write, but hopefully they will be on a regular basis. If you want to message me about the blog or want to rag on me about something, Message me!

Happy US Thanksgiving! I'm oot!