i have just watched starting hands video think its quite funny how DONT PLAY 27 only call A9 smallest hand monsters etc etc etc ..... when i have played pokerstars this sense would be nice but you would not win anything.. i dont know how many times i have been beaten with a pair of AA by 35 suited or even of suite it seems alot of the time i am just playing bingo with the donkey calls that go on now i enjoy pokerstars online but the caliber of donkey is higher than the calliber of player the program allways seem to benefit the donk rather then sense..i play alot of poker at my local casino tourneys allways get to final table dont allwAys win but i at least get a cash i cant get my head around the flops on poker stars because how many times have you seen 4 A Z PLAYED FULL HOUSE EVERY OTHER HAND NOW playing at my casino i never see flops like this so by you running a video of hands to play which is what i do in my live casino games and win but when i play this way on poker stars online i just get donked out so the tutorials are ok for a total begginer but as we alll no to well YA PLAY THE PERSON NOT THE HAND.. so in closer i am sure i will keep playing pokerstars because 1nce ya start ya cant stop but it is 1 of the best sites out there with the bonus games and big live tourneys that we just all love to watch but ya cant beat the smell of the green table and the look in someones eye when you just hit the nuts keep up the3good work pokerstars and keep giving us free stuff cause thats what we all love PEACE OUT and good luck to all you players out there and hope the donkeys just drop with the flop