It's only about a month away now.  The Spring Championship Of Online Poker.  SCOOP, SCOOP, SCOOP A DOOPA.  I'm excited!  I won an eleven dollar entry in the Blogger's tournament.  Eleven dollars is a big amount to me.  I've never spent that much in entering any tournament or event.  My first real tournament!  I've been asking around to find someone who entered last year to see what it's like.  But no luck so far.  I'm wondering a lot of things.  Is the competition fiercer than what you normally encounter?  What would you do differently this year?  Are there a lot of donkeys?  Does it take a long time?  How many people enter?  I want to enter a Texas Hold'em event....which one do you think would be good.

I feel a litle foolish entering this tournament.  Who do I think I am?  But I do have a daydream of winning, or at least getting past the bubble and doing well.  I win hundreds, maybe thousands of dollars!   Pokerstars does another stupid 'who is this winner coming out of nowhere' thing.  I smile like a sphinx and say 'I have been playing poker less than a year'.   Wouldn't that be COOL?  Oh no, what if I bomb out right away?  I will be sooo disappointed!  GLEEK! 

In other news, I have not been able to create a Home Game tournament.  They changed the software and the page is too long for my screen.  Try as I might, I can't pull it up and hit submit.  They don't have a slider on the side of the page.  And you can't just hit enter like you could before.  I've emailed the ever unhelpful support and even had a technical guy write.  He just said 'yeah we know about it, have to wait until they fix it'.  That was about 3 weeks ago now. 

I'm disgruntled with the NAPL change, or I should saw the end of the NAPL.  I like Canadians.  They speak the same language and have a compatible culture.  I don't like getting lumped in with South America.  They DON'T speak the same language and have a disparate culture.  I don't look forward to being called a cabron and a puta and a hijo de perro.   That is what has happened in the past.  This may be the kick in the pants I've needed to try another site.