I've always enjoyed gambling.  I've enjoyed going to the horse races and betting on the ponies.  I've gone to Vegas and Laughlin.  I would play Blackjack in Vegas.  I wondered the other day why I never went and played poker in Vegas.  Then I remembered that I did wander into the poker rooms one time.  It was not inviting.  Blackjack, people talk and have a bit of fun.  It was very quiet in the poker room   It seemed to be full of wizened old men and slimy sorts who had odd slicked hair and 'soul' patches.  (Soul patches, undoubtedly the most unattractive thing you can do with your beard).  It was very smokey.  Choking me just by going into the room.  It seemed like the 'rake' was high and it needed to be constantly replenished.  It was not an inviting thing to sit down as the people playing looked like serial killers eyeing you for their next victim.  Perhaps this has changed now.  But I went and played Blackjack, and didn't go back.

So when I am dealt a 9 - 2, there is still a little frisson of pleasure.  Yes!  Get a 10 and I've got 21!  Ace 10 - Yes!  Blackjack.  It takes a moment to realize that 9 - 2 is not that great of a poker hand!

Today it seemed like every game I played there were all in players.  I've read other posters complaints of these guys but today was the worst for me.  There was a real jerk in one game that finally got to me.  I'm talking about you jurko1974.  Jurko went all in every hand.  Once or twice he didn't go all in at once but then he would sucker you in for a round and then go all in.  And jurko was lucky today.  So when players would challenge him, even with ostensibly better hands, he survived and thrived.  Finally, I didn't care any more.  Bet once and was reduced to 350, again and won and went up to 700.  I had A 8 and went in again, another player had KK, the jerk had Q 8......an ace didn't come up for me but I thought the kings had him, but then he hit a Q and an 8 for two pair - he eliminated both of us!  And just then.....they closed the table!  If I had only waited just a bit longer, I could have gotten away from the jurko.

The Sit and Go lesson says that the odds of your trips being beat by bigger trips is very small so you don't need to worry about it.  But that is just what has happened to me lately.  I was knocked out early in a PSO when I had trip jacks, and the river brought an Ace and washed me away against trip Aces.  I was in another game with 10 10.  The flop came 2 - 2 - 10.  For a moment I worried ...what if he has a 2!  Then I remembered...silly I had tens and that beats twos!  But then the river came and it was....a 2, he had the other two for quads!  Bad beat, bad beat.

I don't know if people have just given in and decided to play like the jerk, but for 3 out of 4 PSO tourney's today, that's what was happening.  I've found that I can often go all in against these sorts of players and win and eliminate them.  But I didn't have the hands this time.  And I didn't want to do it early in the game.  Every game I've played it seems like there are these 'all in' guys in the early rounds.  But they settle down or are eliminated after a bit.  But today...no, it just went on and on and on.  It's particularly annoying when they taunt you.  "Look, all I had was a 5 - 2 and you folded!  Hahahahaha.!" 

Maybe there is a virus going around.  Is it possible that eventually these players will recover their senses?  Or it may be more accurate to say that they will GET some sense.  Or like in Pinnochio they will eventually turn totally into donkies and be led away to have their donkyness put to some useful tasks.   

It's not a lot of fun playing with them.  And it seems like every decision I make is wrong.  If I get QQ someone else has KK, if I get KK then there is AA, if I get AA someone else gets a flush, if I get a full house.....I will have decided to sit out the hand!!!

Sigh.  I've got the Bad Beat Blackjack Blues.