It's interesting to me what images people have decided to upload to represent themselves in the medallion at the poker table.  I haven't loaded an image yet, but I have been giving it some thought.  I also think it's interesting what my reactions to these images.

Some people upload pictures of children.  At one time I thought this might be a way to go.  Load a picture of me when I was a child, perhaps.  But I have rejected this idea.  In my mind, children have no place at the poker table.  It's disingenuous to post a picture of a child.  Some pictures must be of their own children.  I wonder how happy they will be with these pictures when their child grows older or becomes a terrible teen.  I saw one picture of a child that looked to be the most spoiled, nasty piece of work.  A lot to get from just a picture!  Was it a picture of the player or their child?  I have come to really dislike pictures of babies.  I don't know really why this is.  Babies are all right.  But I guess I don't like them at the poker table.  I imagine that the player thinks they'll keep posting new pictures as the child grows but will be brought up short when they find out that there are two uploads maximum.  What will child number two say to that I wonder?  

Some pictures are rather offensive.  I saw one of the President of the United States with a gun sight super imposed on it.  I guess we all get to have freedom of speech but I found this inappropriate.  There was one picture that I wrote the Pokerstars  people about, I thought it was so raunchy.  I had written down the perosn's id quickly before he left, so I may have got it wrong and  I sit all comfy with my feet up, but this has me sitting 4 feet or so away from my monitor.  Support said it was a picture of a duck and a kiten!  Believe me, what I thought this 'member' was posting was not a duck and kitten!  Was it an optical illusion ....or did I get the ID wrong? 

I don't understand when people put pictures of a couple as their image.  Who exactly is playing?  Are they playing together?  The right hand of one and the left of another?  Do they take turns?  Are they so close that they have no independant identity?  Have they  not read the statistics on divorce?  What happens if you do get divorced and this is picture number two?  Do you feel the face of your one time partner looking out at you mockingly then?  Do you quickly put a postit over the picture of the ex when you are at a table? 

I've seen people put pictures of famous people.  Do they admire these or just wish that they were like them?  Do they mean to fool people into thinking they are Angela Jolie or Marlon Brando?  Maybe they think no one will recognize a young Marlon Brando?  I saw a picture of Daniel Negreanu.  Why would you put up a picture of Daniel?  We all know you are not Daniel.  If you are a whiz at poker why don't you want to get your own ID?  Sometimes it's a canned cartoon picture.  I wonder why they don't do something more personal that represents them.  Perhaps they just don't have a camera.  But having a camera may not be the worst thing because, at least, they have avoided posting a really awful, dark, badly posed picture of themselves.  Can't you tell that the picture is going to be awful before you choose it?  I'm not saying people are ugly, but that the picture itself is a frightful mess. 

I have found that sometimes I'm disconcerted by pictures of people looking at me.  I don't know what it is exactly.  I suppose that when you see someone looking at you, you feel instinctively that you need to return the gaze.  I have found it distracts me.  When I block these images, I play better. 

The pictures I like best are of peoples pets.  I like all the dogs and cats.  I find them pleasant and charming.  Guess you can tell, I have pets myself.  I like the big yellow labs.  The big fat orange cats.  The ones that look like they are trying to come through the lens.  The calm ones with their big eyes.  The fuzzy wuzzies are all my favorites.

I've given some thought to what I want to put up.  There is a picture of me, a bit younger than I am now, where I look nice, and I'm gazing out steadily.  I could make a line drawing of this and it would be good.  I had an art instructor once, who made a self portrait of was a picture of a pair of glasses with large frames and an artist's paint brush.  Before I met her, I saw this picture and didn't like it.  After I met her, I understood it entirely.  I haven't quite decided yet but I think I will do something more along this line.  Something to represent the inner me. You'll have to just wait and see!

Just remember, Pokerstars will give you two uploads of ain image at most!  Just like your Driver's License and Passport...the picture will be around for a while so choose carefully!