I got into the top 300 of the Million Dollar challenge qualifying freeroll.  YeeHee!  It's nice to have this blog where I can crow a bit.  Where I can talk with other people who appreciate the accomplishment.  My friends just don't know.

I tried several times to get there.  And finally made it yesterday.  This time it seemed like it was easy.  I got up to something like 100,000 pts then went down to 80,000.  At which point I was about 80 in placing.  So I stopped betting and waited for the group to whittle down.  My rank kept floating up, up, up.  Till I was about 304 with about 320 total players left.  I finally got a JJ, and it was my BB too.  The first playable hand I'd gotten for a long time.  I had been watching for one for a while as I saw my ranking get higher and higer.  But you don't bet with 2 6, 4 7 and cards like that.  I managed to double up with the JJ.  In the flop another Jack had shown up.  So I let the other players lure me, poor little player with only 40,000 pts., to betting my all.  Desperation bet, eh?  LOL.  So I was back to 80,000 after that.  And got to 114,000 and ranking abou 175 before the 301st player was eliminated and the tournement was over.  The next round is on the 4th.  That will be interesting.  I'll probably get beat up but it's fun getting there!