I started playing online poker this September.  I've known how to play Poker.  At least I knew the rules.   But I can't say that I've ever played in a live game.  I would have liked to, but I must have dull friends.  Or they think I'm dull!

My mechanic would play poker online, there, in his little shop.  (It's so nice when you own your own business isn't it?).   I wonder what he thought as I shamelessly tried to watch over his shoulder while I waited for my car to be fixed.  I practiced playing poker at some web sites that didn't require a download.  I tried downloading one site but it took so much computer space and my isp was slow and I just deleted the whole thing.  I'd been watching 'The Big Game' on TV for a while.  I had some issues with isp's but Finally, I was able to download Pokerstars.

The first three weeks I just played in the Poker rooms playing Texas Hold'em.  I started out at the minimum tables.  I felt so foolish and insecure at first.  I did fairly well.  I didn't loose my initial 1000 of play money for a few weeks.  I love the play money tables.  Because you can experiment.  One of my failings as a poker player is that I want to play in every hand.  I do not want to sit out!  And I'm firmly convinced that I can win every hand!  There, I could do as I liked.  If I lost all my money, I could just get more.  I did loose but I also won a lot too.  I graduated to the 10/20 tables.  Soon I wanted to play in the 100/200 tables.  I felt so impatient trying to win enough money to be able to play at that level.  Once I did, I's scurry over there and, more often than not, I'd loose it quickly and again there I'd bee trying to win enough to move up.  But gradually I began to win and I'd get a big bankroll!  ...before I lost it all.  It was so exciting when I'd have 40 or 50 thousand or more.  I'd be giggling and breathless.       

I found it odd and disheartening when other players in the games would complain that I was an idiot or not playing right.  I mean, IT'S PLAY MONEY.   But I met some nice people too.   Poker is fascinating.  It takes me out of myself and I can forget my troubles.    It became clear, as I spend hours and hours with my computer at Pokerstars, I lvoe Poker!