On my last post I was disappointed cause my account went from 123.00 to 105.00.  I had a TERRIBLE week last week and an even more terrible weekend!  My account is at 30.00.

I tried everything.  I tried mixing up my games that I was playing, different limits, smaller limits, anything to get back to form, and NOTHING worked.  My biggest mistake is that I kept on playing day after day, and like Annie Duke said in one of my DVD's, I was phychologically behind everytime I sat down at the table because I kept thinking about where my account was at and how much I would have to win to get back to that.

I will admit that in the last day or two of the weekend I was just on tilt from a week long losing streak, which was also a mistake of mine to play, as I know better.  However the most frustrating part about the losing streak is that I was victim to major suck outs and bad beats.

For example you would not believe how many times I flopped a set and it turned out that the other player flopped a higher set.  I lost with aces at least a dozen times over the span of a week.  I lost to bigger flushes, bigger full houses, my full house even lost to quads twice....I think you get the picture!

I understand thats part of poker but how it can happen so often in a week is beyond me.  My goal now is to play only PSO school tournies the rest of the month to try and make a few bucks back there and regain my confidence.  So far its been working....Last 3 days I have finished 39th, 70th, and 89th to gain roughly 120 points and there are still more days to go before end of the month.  The biggest difference is the gain back in confidence.  Its weird cause I have not changed my game at all and I have tried a few new things I have learnt as well.  

What I did learn is that to improve my game more and fill in the gaps, I need MORE EDUCATION!  This is a game where you can never stop learning and to be one of the best you have to keep improving even if you are on a winning streak and you feel like your game is bullet proof!

My goal now is to keep playing PSO events and free satellites etc...As far as making money I have 600 BB to play 2 cent  5 cent cash games, thats where I will try and make up some ground with minimal risk.

My advice is never to get to comfortable even if you are on a winning streak cause it can end as quickly as it started and to follow the process and the different stages in your game, levels, and stakes!

I will keep you posted!