I have been playing mostly 3.25 6 man sit n go's lately and it has been profitable overall.  Last week I had nights where I won 3 out of 3 and even 3 out of 4.  I had my account up to $125.00 on my 10.00 investment.  And then Saturday and Sunday came and I lose 8 in a row!!!  OUCH!!!  My account is at $105.00 now and I need to end the month at about 140.00 to obtain my monthly goal of 83.00-100.00 profit. 

Its frustrating when you do everything right and you play the math and pot odds and you still get beat, time after time in races etc.  That was my weekend filled with frustration.  Its poker and its bound to happen, and its true what they say.....Your highs are never as high as they seem, and when you are low, you have never felt lower!

Overall I guess I cant complain considering my original investment on Jan 4/11, However I look forward to another winning streak sooner rather than later.