The end result by Sunday at 200am was I made a profit and increased my bankroll to $66.82, I started the weekend on Friday night with $53.02.

Friday night I played 4 consecutive $3.25 buyin 6 man sit and go and finished 3rd in all 4 of them.  I was playing smart poker and using all the skills from PSO.  Using the math to make decisions, however variance came into play and each game I had correct odds to call, however lost each race to lesser hands.

Saturday Morning I played 3 more and finished 2ND in all 3 of them, so at least I was starting to make back some of the money.  Then Saturday night I won one and lost won, so I was back to even with where I started Friday night.

And then Sunday came.....

I dedicated the day mostly to PSO and PSO tourneys.  I felt good and therefore decided to enter at 800pm a $2.20 3k Guaranteed tourney.  After an Hour I was down to 3 more big blinds, and I double up, and double up again.....6 hours later out of 1571 entrants, I finished in 18th place, what a marathon!  At 200am I was out of the tournament and pay out was $24.32.  Wow that was the best I had played in a while and very motivating! 

I look to make some good money in February and have some high goals for myself but I want to make $83.00-$100.00 to keep pace with my goal of $1000-$1200 for the year.  It goes without saying that Im trying to win more but that is my goal I have outlined for myself.

I will keep you posted.... PRACTICE + PATIENCE takes you very far in this game and Im starting to see progression in my game each day.

Thank you,