To update my $10.00 deposit challenge, I played in one PSO tonight and out of 1819 people, I placed in the money at 177 place.  I could care less about the 1 penny I made, however I was most pleased with all the different experiences I had at the table, with a tons of maniacs.

I also played a 6 man $3.25 sit n go and won first $11.70 so my current bank roll is at $56.27 from my original $10.00 deposit on January 4th/2011.  Yes Im pleased about winning money, who wouldnt be....BUT  what Im most happy with is by me applying the material learnt from PSO and my education at the tables each game, that my game is improving each day!

TIP OF THE DAY-  In  the PSO sit n go quiz there is a section that tell you to pay attention when you are not in a hand, play tight in the early phase.  Just following these two simple steps, my game has improved.

So if you are wanting to learn and not just play for fun?  Try following those steps and you will see a difference!

Thank you,