Hello All,

Dont worry if you were one of the people who read my first blog, this one wont be as long!

Last night I wasnt able to play alot, but I did get to the tables in time to play in the nightly PSO evening Tourney which I placed 224 place out of 1457.  Overall including the results I was pleased with my play and I made alot of smart decisions based on the info PSO has provided for me!  I played in 1 $3.25 6 man sit n go and finished fifth when some donkey decided to call my pre flop raise of 4 times the big blind.  I had queen 10 suited and he had 2 3 off, heads up pot, and the flop came 2 3 Q.  I raised and he raised me all in.  Perhaps the correct call would have been to fold, however I felt my top pair was good and that he might have A K.  I called only to see that donk had 2 3 off in his hand and had 2 pair.  I could have played it differently, perhaps if I wasnt tired and ready for bed....Which is why like I said in my last post...NEVER PLAY WHEN YOU ARE TIRED!! Lol.

Overall it wasnt a profitable day, but good results in the PSO tourney.  Tonight looks like a good night for poker.  I will play in 2 PSO tourny's and also on the tables in between hoping to build my bank roll!

Have a great day!