Hello to inspiring poker professionals like myself!

After reading a biography on Daniel Negreanu, and Tom "Durr" Dwan, I wanted to create a challenge for myself and that was to deposit $10.00 into a Pokerstars account and build it into some financial success as I learn and hopefull master the game of poker.

I started playing No Limited Holdem Poker around the year 2004, when it was really starting to take off.  I instantly fell in love for the mental stragey involved in poker.  I bought books and DVD's, you name it.  I was playing home games with friends, but then we all kind of split up with moving because of our jobs and family etc.  Therefore our weekly home games were gone.  It was then when online poker was brought to my attention and I had signed up for a poker account and the min deposit was $50.00.  In 6 months I had increased my account to $390.00.  I started playing 10 man $5.00 sit n go's and the winner got $25.00, 2nd place $15.00, and 3rd place $10.00.  I won a few, and placed 2nd and 3rd in a few as well, and of course lost some.  I had increased my account enough that I started playing $5.00 and $10.00 heads up matches and would some times win 8 in a row, and then also lose 8 in a row, however I won more than I lost in the end.  I was going through a divorce and moving etc and just kind of stop playing so I cashed out.  Life took over and i just didnt have time anymore.  In the past few years I have had some unfortunate circumstances fall into my lap and have not played.....Until this December! 

I created a Pokerstars account and just played for fun.  Then I started playing in some free rolls and satellite tourneys.  Without investing a dime, my poker account was at $.53.  My passion was back and I felt better and stronger than ever as far as my poker game was concerned, but I knew I had tons to learn, and that I could really improve.  I also realized that the online poker world had come along way since I was last involved and I was amazed and facinated with the umlimited opportunities that poker stars had for all bankroll and budget sizes.

On Jan 4/11 I deposited $10.00 ito my Pokerstars account and I told myself that I only wanted to put $10.00 into my account and I wanted to learn and master the game of poker and build my account!!  On the first night after my deposit I entered a micro mania $.55 sit n go and I won 1st place out of 36 people and the prize was $7.00!  Not a bad start I thought. 

Since then I have continued with watching all the poker tv shows, watching dvd's etc on the internet and doing tons of reading.  Then I discovered PSO and I was hooked.  My passion overall has never been stronger for poker and I want to do all that I can to learn and master this game.  I have been playing in a mixure of NO LIMIT HOLDEM games such as $1.00, $2.00, $3.00 Tourney's, Cash games with a $3.00 buy in to start at .10/.20, and combination of sit n go levels.  As of today my Pokerstars account is at just over $50.00.

There have been a few highs and lows in my game through out the month but since I started Poker School, I have noticed a slight incline upwards consistantly in my game each day, and that just makes me want to learn more.  I play every night when I get home from work for at least 3 hours.  Last night I played three, 6 man $3.40 sit n go's.  I finished 2nd in two of them and 1st in the other.  Not a bad night and I could go to bed with a smile on my face, unlike the night before. 

What I learned from the night before and finally noticed after this happening several times is that I dont reccommend anyone playing when they are tired.  Few times I have found that I have lost some money early in the night or fell victim to some bad beats and the night is getting late and my eyes are blood shot, and I want to play just one more, to try and make some money back.....NOT A GOOD IDEA!  The cards will be there tomm!  So my new rule is to make sure Im rested and focused before I sit down and play and last night was proof that it does make a difference! 

If anyone has any suggestions on which games or tourney's to play with my current bank roll status, and how I can best build my bankroll, I would love to hear them!  Im always open to learning.

I will keep everyone posted on a regular basis on my bankroll status and progress.  It may be a long shot but I will strive for this year 2011 to profit at the end of the year $1000-$1200 in my Pokerstars account .  Thats approx about $83-$100.00 per month.  Im behind this month so far on that pace, but there are still a few days left.  For my first month back into the game I love Im ok with the results, but Im never satisfied!

Thank you for your time and hopefully this blog will intrest some people and it may bore some others, but if I can give one person some inspiration than I would call this blog a success.