Hi guys,

It's been a while since my last update and I want to keep you posted a bit more.

In the last months I really lost it a bit - not mentally, but my game is clearly not working at the moment. My big hands do not get payed off, I payed off other guys with marginal hands, variance is an a** and I had to move down from a healthy 16NL to a 10NL shot again. 

Since I lost like 30 10NL buyins since April, it's time to regroup. In the next few weeks I will post some hands in the Blog forum and I would like to discuss lines, reads, etc. etc. 

I will also try to creat a new blog post from time to time, if you come up with some good stuff.

Since I already beat 10NL in a very short time, I am still confident I will move up by the end of August. Until then I will definitely adjust my game accordingly, but at the moment I am a bit lost - since I did not make major changes in it. 

Thanks for you help in advanced!