Hi guys,
First of all: I am a German native, so I apologize in advance for the bad English.
I thought about starting a blog here on PSO for a long time. In this blog I will take you on my – hopefully successful – journey from 2NL to 100NL 6max cash games.
I started playing online back in 2010, but lost a tiny bankroll and quit for nearly a year. Back in August 2011 I started again with a 70$ bankroll. I watched the videos of xflixx here on PSO – thank you for those Felix – and really got into 6 max cash games. I really tried hard, studied basic game theories, watched videos and read books. For my first 150k hands I showed really no profit at all, but kept playing anyway.
At the moment I am not using any HUD, but I will get one soon. But anyhow, also without stats I really started winning in the cash games in January this year.
Here is my graph from pokertableratings:

As you can see in January 2012 my graph really started getting in the right direction. I failed some 5NL shots, but this changed in February. I builded my bankroll up to 250 and slowly upwards from there. First shots at 10NL failed again – that’s totally normal for everyone I guess – but I never got pissed about it and did the right thing. Moving down in stakes is very crucial at this point and I did it right.
Now since a few weeks my third shot at 10NL really went great. I doubled my bankroll in less than 2 weeks and started playing 16NL just yesterday. I actually had a profit of 120$ in the last 3 days. I really am on the uptick right now and it feels great, but I am also prepared to take some losses in the future. Hopefully not in the near future, though. My bankroll at the moment is round about: 558$.
I generally play 6 tables 6 max at a time (can’t handle more at the moment), when I am taking my first tries on shots I just play 2 or 4 tables at a time. Just to get into the feeling of betting and how the dynamics change. For a change I like to play 90man or 180man SNGs or MTTs on the weekends, but this is just for a change in pace.
My plans for the future are to discuss hands, strategies and sessions with you guys. I also really want to help out people, who just started playing 6max microstakes. I am definitely no pro, but I learned very much from the forums and the trainers at PSO and I want to give back to the community. This won’t be a “look how cool I am and how big my bankroll gets”-blog, because I don’t think this will be of any use. I will try to keep it as informative as possible and I am eager to get your feedback.
Sorry for the length of the post, but I thought it was necessary to get to know me and for me to recap on what I want to do.
So,  I hope to update this frequently and hope to get your feedback.