Hey guys, listen to this hand, tell me if i screwed up, or played this okay.


This is 15 minutes into the Big $2.20, $0.22 deep stack turbo satelite. I had a QJ in the BB and went to a 4 way flop (everyone just called). the flop came 10,10, 2. Everybody checked. The turn, a Q. I have 2 pair. The first player to act bets half pot. I call. the two others fold. I am thinking this guy has a queen, or if not that, some pocket pair up to JJ (If he even has a hand) The river was a 10, and I had the best possible full house unless he had KK/AA. I also did not think he had a 10 because there were 3 on the board, and everyone checked around. He shoved all of chips in (9x the pot). I thought, ok this guy is a donk, he does not have me beat because he would not think to slowplay trips and he would've raised preflop with AA/KK. I called and he turned over 10,6. Freaking Quads.


Let's hear your responses!!!