Hey everyone, today we are going to discuss bad beats. Everyone has had that one situation where they have AA and get it in vs KK and their opponent rivers a king. Today I will talk about a few of my bad beats, and hopefully I will hear some of yours!



         My first bad beat was HU in the BonusBonusBonus freeroll. This actually happened on Thursday. I had almost 4,000,000 chips (about 40 blinds) against an opponent who had just over 1,000,000 chips (10 blinds)  I picked up pocket fives in the big blind, and my opponent shoved. I figured, he obviously just wants my blinds so I called, and was right. He had a 10 8 offsuit. The flop came A,Q,9, suits don't matter for this story. Then the turn was a J, so A,Q,9,J, the river, WAS A KING! Guy gets runner runner to make the straight, and gets a 3,000,000 to 2,000,000 chip lead on me. 

        Two hands later, same table, same stacks, I pick up 9,9. I get the chips in against A 10, and he ends up getting a full house, not a bad beat, but a rough way to lose the tournament. 




        My second bad beat was in some FPP tournament, I had a chance to get to some big tournament out of it, and would've had the chip lead if I had won the following hand...


         I had AA, got my chips in against 2 opponents. They are holding 44 and 55. Beautiful, I am defenitely get myself the chip lead! OH WAIT! One of the guys just flopped a 4! Oh look, my other opponent just turned a 5! I went from most likely to be chip leader, to right out of the tournament. Wow, I just love losing with pocket aces > 



         Alright guys, enough of my stories, let's hear some of your own stories!