Well My 1st month complete, not a top 100 finish in the standings but 101 its a good start. I'm happy with my final standings rank for the fist month.I know i played well in a few events,got lucky in a couple others (sorry to the people that i donked out on, well not realy), and played not so well in a few.
    • I'm still learning and trying to apply the stratigies and advice giving in the forms (thanks everyone /pso) this is a learning curve that I'm sure will improve my game.
      • Hopefully i can get my standings up a little this month, like to see the top 100. I have to try and keep my chips and not move in/call the big stacks. i'm going to try what i'm going to phrase as chipping chips. Take a little here a little there, save my stack and only push or push back with monster hands.
        • Oh I'll buy the pot if I feel I can, if I happen to get big stacked,Thats just poker,but for most part its going to be slow and steady.
          • I Had made some pretty bad mistakes last month that cost me my tournament life in probally 8 events. Trying to bet someone off when holding the top pair and no kicker, knowing full well I was beat but still pushing (stupid). This month Thats my main goal, to get out of them situations that i commit over 50% of my chips, then refuse to fold and let go, even when i know they are lost. I guess thats why there are pros and joes.
            • well good luck at the tables players i hope to play you all.