Hello to everyone who stumbled upon this blog I`m ScArEiOuS, a micro stakes grinder, trying to learn poker and maybe some day getting good at it.

So a little background on me here : I started playing 1 table fullring 2NL with a $1 bankroll (crazy), but I managed (by playing super nitty) to get my first dollar, another and so on until my bankroll was around 7 or something. Then it all went wrong and I lost it. It was then when I decided to start learning poker hard. So I added another 5$ to my account and started to have my breakeven adventure in 2nl. Later on, from 20 dollar bankroll I started playing 6max, as I wanted to be more aggressive player. And this is where I`m at today basically.

I think I will start posting some graphs and more interesting hands here, and maybe later it will be fun to watch how badly I played.