0.25 S&G = 16 Pl,   12 Loss, 1 Top2, 2 Top6, 1 Top11
0.55 S&G =9Pl,  5 L, 1 Top3(45) , 1Top12, 1Top6 (45), 1Top3(90)

Ok. in 0,55 S&G I have already  achieved my goal. I four times finished in top 7(top12) places.
Therefore I can continue to  play this  tournaments.
However, in 0,25 S&G I have to improve my results. In the remaining 8 games I have to win not less then 50% games.

Yesteday  then I was playing final Table, and jamp from first to last and from last to first, my wife said
         "I don`t think that game is so  exciting . And online poker have more fun then live game"