So I made my first deposit last night and played my first ever cash game here - just a $0.01/$0.02 to get me started.

Bought in with $5 and played for a few hours. What interested me was the fact that I went from getting quite low (around $1 or so) and having quite a pot (around $9). This rollercoaster happened several times. Of course, it was the case that as soon as I had a reasonable pot I played a lot more rashly... and ended up going down pretty fast. Slow, organic growth at all times is the lesson here, I think.

Also for the first time I made some quite agressive moves when I had a large pot compared to the one remaining opponent in the hand, and forced them to fold or go all-in. I didn't feel too good doing this (as if I should be fair!), but I reckon I'll get used to it... 

Registered for a $100K Privilege Freeroll starting at 8:00 - looking forward to it!