For the purposes of this blog post, I will be examining and labelling different activities in my life. (Bit of a long road to get to my point, but I hope you enjoy it!)

Activities where I am earning money I will label as A. Activities where I am NOT earning money I will label as ~A (not A). I will do the same for fun activities; B and ~B.

I now have 4 states that I can label and explore...

A~B: I believe that most people call this work. I am doing something, not because I enjoy it, but because I need money to live and do the things that I do enjoy.

~AB: This is pretty straight forward and are activities that I enjoy doing, like hanging out with friends, going for walks, seeing a movie or going out for dinner.

AB: I think this is rare for most people, but it is what I am for. Basically, doing a job that you enjoy doing.

~A~B: One example of this is being sick. I'm not having fun and I'm definitely not earning any money. Another one might be doing chores around the house. No fun and no money.

I can narrow this done to certain aspects of my life, which I did with poker.

A~B: This is the grind. Not always fun, but good for the bankroll.

~AB: This is the state that a lot of recreational players are in; having fun and spending money, like the more general life example above.

AB: This is when all the hard work pays off and I am running good. I'm having fun, playing well and building up my bankroll!

~A~B: Hello tilt! :/

I've been spending a lot of time recently examining my overall game and trying to find what I can do to really improve myself as a successful poker player. What is the next tactic/strategy that I can learn and employ? But then I stepped back and thought about A and B in relation to my poker life and came to the conclusion that I unintentionally ending up in ~AB quite often and it's the ~A that ruins all the good work I've done in A~B and AB. And that's because I'm not disciplined enough and end up chasing B at times.

I need to treat my poker play as more of a business venture and less of a recreational hobby. My first thought was to start a challenge thread and play 150 10¢ 360 turbos without playing anything else. This is good as a public commitment to get things done, but in the end I decided an even better way to get me focused was to make my first shares offer in 50 10¢ 360 turbos. Not only am I making a public commitment, but I'm now accountable to 10 other PSO members to play more in my A game.