I recently created a video for the Team Online Week's Win a Coaching with your Favourite Team Online Member promotion. It was of a live session of 4 tables of 45-handed 25¢ SNG's which took a total of around 2 hours to complete and then I edited it down to just 15 minutes highlighting some of the more interesting hands.

Rewatching it, I realised that I didn't fully explain what I was thinking as I was playing. It was difficult at times to process my thoughts and get them verbalised when facing tougher decisions. There's one situation I'd like to take a closer look at to share my thoughts and get some feedback on.

The hand is where I have  in the highjack position and it folds around to me 6 handed with 19 players left in the SNG. Blinds are 75/150 and I raise my standard 2.5 x to 375. Button calls and the blinds fold.

The flop comes . I've got a bit of a read on the villain having played 39 hands with him. He's doing a lot of calling preflop and folding post flop. He's stats are 45/8 with 0 3bet and 50 cbet.

I'm not putting him on a premium starting hand or he would have been 3 bet shoving before the flop. He might have a  or a  but is just as likely to have a middle or smaller pair. I want to look weak to convice a more marginal hand to continue in the hand, so I raise just 225 into a 925, less than my preflop bet. I want him to think that I have a hand, but one I'm not comfortable with.

He calls my baby cbet and I'm fairly confident that I've got the hand, it's now just a question of how much value I can get out of him. I'm either getting his stack or I might be able to eke a little bit more.

Turn is the  and I'm fairly certain that I'm in a commanding position here. On this street, I just want him to feel in control and see where we end up, so I check and he checks behind me. At this point, he must have something that he feels has some marignal showdown value, but not that much. He could also be passively playing a big hand, but this isn't a big concern at this point.

Then the river is the  and now I want to get as much of his stack in as possible. I make all of this pretty much clear in the hand which you can see starting here in the video. What I fail to do is to describe my thinking behind the min raise on the river.

I want to bet, but I don't want a big bet. At this point he's got around 8 BB left. (He's played the hand pretty poorly IMHO and should have either shoved or folded pre. But he didn't and now here we are.)

If he feels he's got a strong hand, regardless of what I do here (check, raise or shove), stack are probably going into the middle. (Y)

But if he has a marginal hand, what I do makes a big different. Check means no extra value. Too strong and there's no extra value. I'm looking for that sweet spot in between where it hurts for him to fold and it hurts for him to call. In the end, I come to the conclusion that he's not very strong at all and unlikely to call anything much over 200 and then err on the conversative side with a min raise of 150. If I hadn't been trying to verbalise everything, I might have spent a bit more time on it and bet around 225 to 250, but its hard to say.

He calls and the chips come my way. And I'm a bit shocked to see that he had . WAT! Oh my, he felt  high was worth showing down. Flabbergasted! 

I hope that helps explain a bit more clearly my thought process there and I'd love to get your feedback on the line. Good line, bad line or meh line?

And thanks to PSO for the awesome competition! There are going to be 3 very lucky PSO'ers in the next few days! (Y)