So, my bankroll got low, then lower and then lower still. When I put my deposit in over a year ago now, I promised my self that I'd run with it and when it was gone, that'd be the end [1]. So, I'm nursing this the best I can.

How'd I get here. I ran my $20 deposit up to $60+ and was having fun. I'd not only won my first $1.50 9-handed SNG, I was running pretty well in them. It got to the point that if it got down to 5-4 handed, I felt very confident about taking the whole thing down, played as such and about half the time did just that. At first, the $1.50 turbos and 6-handed scared me. I eventually found my way into the 6-handed turbos and won a few for good measure to the point that 9-handed felt almost crowded. Then I won my first $0.25 45-handed SNG. That was some feeling.

That was the high. The slope downhill was paved by Zoom. I was having fun and looking back on it, I had no idea what I was doing. Playing fast and loose. I had one short session where I was up $20. I lost a bit of that, but it was still a positive session. Sadly, there were more losing then winning sessions. There were lots of good times in there, but in the end, it was more sad than glad. Fate taught me [2] that I don't know better and that I really should learn how to play a bit better.

So here I am, doing my best to grind the $0.10 360 turbos [3] and hoping for a top 500 finish in the Open League [4]. I'm humble and I want to learn. I'm doing what I can to attend the occasional live traning and gleaning what I can from the forums and the videos. I'm doing all I can to get this poor fellow out of the intensive care unit. With a bit of discipline there's hope (and perhaps more blog posts...)

[1] - I've bent this a couple of times, but unlikely to do it again.

[2] - Or was that my arrogant stupidity... hmmm 

[3] - FWIW, I can play at least 35 more of them (up form 32 this morning... )

[4] - I realy don't want to get into the Premier League, just want that $5 massive boast to my ailing bankroll