Hi All,


I played in my first School Pass Event last night with about 290 people.  I made it down to 10 people (only 9 receive a ticket).  I was 8th in money witht he blinds 1250 - 2500 with 250 ante.  I had 24000 in the big blind with AQ off.  The table was 5 handed an the fellow to the left of me min raised to 5000.  Everyone else folded and I went all in.  I was playing very tight the last 25 hands or so and would show my cards when I folded preflop to the BB.

Well the min raise fellow had QQ vs my AQ off and guess what, I became the bubble boy.  After 3 hours of play I was devasted but what can you do.

I have a few more passes to play in the next few days so wish me luck.  I will update you all.