I like playing small buy in tourneys/sitn goes that are less than $5.00 most of the time.  The majority of the games are $1.00 to $3.50 and usually multitable with lots of players.

I have noticed more and more players pushing their stacks all in at the beginning of the tourney no mater what they have.  I can see this move in freerolls if you are not serious about playing and you have nothing to loose.  But if players are spending money (small amounts mind you) why push with horrible hands that make no sense. 

I find myself more and more frustrated recently when multiple players push early on and I am holding a decent to good hand and usually are ahead preflop.  I can't laydown QQ or AK on the first hand knowing that others are pushing with weak hands.  I make notes on lots of players pushing all in early with junk hands so I know to call if I have a good to great hand

The problem with calling these players who I know are weak is that I am losing over 50% of the time to horrible hands with i have a big pair or drawing cards.  Even when I have AK suited and hit the flop with bricks to follow on the turn and river I am losing to 104 off. 

When events like this happen, patience is a virtue and I have been telling myself to relax and call with my good hands if only 1 or 2 players are all in.  Over the long term I will win more than 50% of the hands when I am strong pre-flop or later in the hand.  Why risk any amount of money when there are lots of players in preflop with junk, odds are I will lose even with monsters but I have to call with AA or KK.

I will have to start playing larger buyins to get away from this.  Even now as I type this one player went all in with KJ off against my AK and another players AK and off course hit for three of a kind Js.  A little frustrated but that is poker, easy come easy go.

I will update my blog entry and this is the first, take care everyone and know when to fold them (as disscused above)

Greetings from Saskachewan Canada!