Soooooo how is it going then????

Well to be honest, not that different to normal! Trying to keep the discipline to only play Group 1 or the occasional Group 2 hand, and to remember my position in the hand, is proving quite tough.  I think some of my problem seems to be that i am finding it hard to just sit out hands, which has always been my major issue.  To sit with my stack when i develop a lead and not play marginal hands cos i know i can afford the chips (which always ends with me losing my top position).  Or to sit with my stack at teh start of a game / tourney / SNG and wait fro those around me to play recklessly and go out or get lucky and knock others out.

So i need to focus on getting my percentage of hands played to be at about 20-30%.  that is todays lesson and what i must must must achieve in this Quadruple shootout that im currently playing.  i shall report back on my progress....

UPDATE!!!  Made it thru the first round of my Quad shootout, play percentage of 57%, which is ok for 3handed then headsup  8.20pm