And so we begin again....

Just to clarify some things outright, im not new to Poker.  I started playing something which i now know is 5 card stud back when i was in 6th Form for pennys in the common room.  I started playing online about 4yrs ago, maybe a bit more, and it was with Pokerstars that i began.  I then flitted around,,, facebook poker, but came back here to Pokerstars.  Ive been around.

So why am i here?

Well because its time i learned to play properly, rather than just passing the time whilst watching TV.  Ive played in loads of tournaments, played loads of Sit n Gos, played loads of Ring games, even won as much as $100 about a million years ago.  Ive read both of Anthony Holdens books, Vicky Corens book and watch Poker on the TV.  But i want to learn how to play properly and not just pass the time whilst watching TV.

Ive signed up for the Poker School and now im gonna give it a good go to leanr how to play better and stop doing the things i do now.  Learn some techniques.  Learn how not to get carried away and blow all my chips as soon as i build up a stack.  Learn how not to go on tilt after a bad beat.  Learn how to read otehr peoples playing styles in online games, and figure out their tells.  Learn how to hide my own. 

And maybe, just maybe.... wIn some money.

Wish me luck....