I am watching on Youtube the "WSOP 2011 Main Event" and saw Carter King on the featured table. Carter King won the 2008 WCOOP Main Event in 2008 as "ckingusc". "ckingusc" is one of the many poker players from US soil who are now forbidden from playing real money on PokerStars, as a result of a legal action by the US government towards online gambling. I am dismayed.

Is poker really considered gambling? Or is poker a sport? To the US government, it is gambling. To ESPN, it is sport. To many of us poker enthusiasts, it could be both. What is your notion?

The first SCOOP series after "Black Friday 2011", a term coined by the poker community as a result of the US federal filing criminal charges against the three largest online poker sites, see a huge drop in participants. The WCOOP won't be the same without the US players.

What's "right" with the US government?

Will there be "Good Friday" for US players? I hope they'll be back in the real money felt soon! It's just not fare to not see them around.