With the 3rd installment of the Weekly Ranking for Filipino players, the number to beat now is 108,260. With more players getting into the league, less players gets into the money. More all-in fest players, more bad beats, more bad plays, less skills.

While we recorded a big slump in the money, one player made a new record-breaking position jump from 11663 to 789 leading an accumulated 510.25 points. So our "Player of the Week" goes to Eiger2Learn from Las Pinas City.

And I would like to remind those who made comments on my last blogs that field attrition is necessary in this league. I've seen pocket A's gone beat with crap hands. I've seen monsters bad beat by garbage. If you want to have a piece of the pie, field attrition is necessary. If you want to play on the Premier League next month, you really have to play premium in the early and middle stages and employ field attrition. Tell me I'm wrong...

Here's how the story ended: