101,054... that's the number to beat as of this posting! And by a week's time, a couple of thousand more is expected to try their skill in the league. A league which has been the topic of many of us PSO members. A league which has been dubbed so many names.

While it is true that the league is getting bigger and harder due to many "allinskies", serious PSO members should always see the bright side of the league. In my last post when I mentioned that I would be sitting tight and just play premium while downsizing the field, somebody commented that I only apply field attrition and no skill involved. I disagree.

The league asks you to... Skill hardly matter in early stages of the game where "allinskies" are there to strike from any position. And I laud those sitting in the money, as I expect they too employed field attrition. I have tried to play normally so many times; but what I got are negative points most of the time.

So my bet is to stick with the strategy that this league needs to survive in the money.

Here's how we fared so far in the money, with sugo69 taking the lead from CannonLee:

Falling below the radar are:
  1. junas12
  2. gimikero619
  3. deathrazor
  5. tatskie10
  6. Jopet101
  7. pokerstar671
  8. whookidd13
  9. junsmoke12