This happens during the July 8 13:00 ET PokerSchool Skill League. I had the button holding  .  There were two limpers before the Hi-Jack raised all-in holding   off-suit. Cut-off folded. I called. The two limpers folded.

While the flop was being dealt, I was browsing through the lobby checking on something, knowing that I am ahead. Flop came  . Turn came  , giving him Tens up. The river was of no help to me as it came  . All the time I didn't know what was happening as I was still busy on the lobby. Player 4enaT won the pot.

Also, the next hand has been dealt, without my knowledge. Here's the situation: I was holding   off-suit. 4-way all-in with player dzoger have us all covered. dzoger's hand:   from the mid-position; 4enaT's hand:   from late position; quierseguro was holding   from hi-jack position.

The moment I switched to the table, I thought the action was still with my hand holding the  . To my surprise, my hand is   and I snap called and shoved all-in. WRONG BUTTON! 

Here's what happened. I know I was drawing dead against their hands. Flop came  . Kaput! Surprisingly, my hand started to improve with the turn  , and finally hitting a set with the river  . A nasty runner, runner! I was laughing my heart out as I was able to extend my tourney life to make a better finish.

I had about 10,100 chips and the blind was already 300/600. I shoved all-in again, this time holding pocket Q's. UTG+1 called. He had pocket K's. Kaput! I finished 1297. Karma? Luck? Stress? Could be all. But I know, I made some mistakes there. I still should have played small ball to extend to a better finish.