Played today about a dozen table of PCA Freeroll. Almost all playes pushes their chips all-in with any hole card. Get lucky and play.  I had about 5 tables that got me into final 3 tables. One table lifted me up the ladder and made it into the final table with about 15 big blinds left in my stack. I grinded until we reached final 5.

There was a situation in the final 5 wherein 2 players moved all in. I had about 400K of stack as chip leader. I was holding KQs. I let them bust one out. I was wrong not calling the all-in. I flopped top two pair. One player was holding A8o and the other A6o. With a 6 on the flop, there was no bust out as the winner was covered. My mind told me to call; but I can't feel the guts. Or was I too fish in this situation? That time I realized I wasn't really ready to go for the big game.

With the PCA Fantasy Final approaching next coming Sunday, I better go back to CORE COURSE and finish SNG COURSE to pick up some ideas. Otherwise, my Free Ticket to PCA Fantasy Final would go to waste.