Today marks my 2nd best finish in PokerStars, and my 2nd best payout. It was in again $11 Razz ($500 Guaranteed) Tournament. Making my way to the top requires top discipline. But what I want to discuss here is the moment I'm heads up with JusSomeGuy (Pella).   I am ahead in chips by about 20,000 when I declared to chop. As soon as we agreed, I called support. This time it takes longer since it was reported there has been many requests for chop by this hour.    After about 10-15 minutes of waiting, support came. Since this is my second time to chop the money, I suggests to JusSomeGuy that chop be made pro-rated to your chipstack.   He insisted on an even chop to which I refused. We then resume play with support in standby. This type of play could take forever, so Support called our attention again. This time I said, "Ok" sensing it would really take that long; but with a stack still bigger than JusSomeGuy about 30K. After the chop he sits out and went to bed leaving me the rest of his chips down. TLB is one thing, so I gladly took the leaderboard points.   I would like to see how you fared in this same situation. Would you agree to chop if your opponent is a bit uncooperative, or would you rathen finish the game? Please comment.   I added $195.73 to my bankroll today.