Today marks my first ever biggest win in PokerStars. From among the 99 players who created a US$990 pot, I consistently stayed in the top 16 from beginning to end with few downswings. I first learned Razz, a form of 7-card stud wayback 2008 online. I would finish most of the freerolls with the ticket for the WR2 Saturday/Sunday event.

With the final 8 players seated, I made few mistakes seeing the fourth street with a marginal hole card. Even worst is not folding my hand and continue through fifth street with a dead card, with just two streets left hoping a miracle would come by. Realizing my errors, I would regain my composure and determined to only play good starting hole card. My good good starting hole card would be from 6 below. Two under-6 plus anything over-6 would also see play depending on the opponent's third street. Picking up a good card on the fourth street, I would continue with the bet so long as my opponent's fourth street hand is worst than mine, so goes with the fifth and sixth street. Betting on every street with the best hand can put your opponent to fold their marginal hand.

There are times when my opponents are on tilt and would continue calling a bet with the worst hand coming on every street. I would take advantage of them. Some are also stubborn to fold. Luck also plays part in razz. If on the sixth street, I had not made a hand, the last street would only be my last recourse. This time I would need to think over if my exposed cards beat my opponents or not. With just one card left to draw, I would follow up with another bet. But with a re-raise to my bet, I would then fold. You will never know if he hits his nuts or bluffing. If my stacks are short, definitely a fold is the best option.

Bluffing with a face card on your unexposed hand or hole card can be very disastrous. You can always bluff with the better exposed hand, but you will have to pay extra when you missed your draws.

And with these strategies in play, I made my first biggest ever US$203 payroll in Limit Razz.