Sandtrap777's 2014 goals

Sooooo, what should be my next goal?

Of course I would like to stay Supernova, I know I can still achieve Supernova with less time since I've move up in stakes, but if I'm to find a goal that excites me to the point of continuing learning and enjoying the game with no more than 15 hours a week than Supernova will not be my major goal.

I've been looking at different options

- Mtt's are pretty much out of the question. They take to much time, which I don't have. When you look at stats from some of the best players, they're in the money (ITM) at about 20% or more. This means cashing 20 games out of 100 and these players average about 2 final tables per 100. With 15 hours a week, that's about 5-6 tournaments a week or 25 tournaments a month and with 4 tables that makes it about 100 tournaments a month. At an average of $20 per tournament, that's about 1,100 Vpp's or SilverStar. In all honesty, not a great motivation.
- Sng's seemed interesting. I calculated that playing 10 tables of $7 9 man, I would play about 500 games a month. This would give me about 1,700 Vpp's or SilverStar. After calculations, also not very interesting.
- This leaves cash games. I could always continue my stake rise, but in all honesty I'm exhausted, pretty much strained out.

So now what?...........................................

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