2013 as come to an end for me even though I'm still playing a little, so here's a recap of the year.

My goals were to achieve Supernova by being Platinum every month and to make $18,000 by year end, all this by studying to become a better player. My yearly plan was broken down monthly and then weekly with specifics, such as hours committed, videos, reading and hand analysis.

The goals were met as I achieved Supernova in mid October and surpassed my financial goal by about 25k. Like anything, there no success without some bumps on the road. I can't say I had many of them, but when you're a tight player like I am and variance hits you for a day or a week, you wonder if it's all worth it and why exactly you're doing this. Most of you don't know me, you see, I'm very competitive, been like that since my early age, I always want to win, therefore I'll study and work hard to be the best, my ego. So during the year, a few times, I was ready to quit, but with the support of lots of members (especially the Tankers), they kept me going. It wasn't easy especially when people tell you that you're playing wrong, you're lucky and what I say is totally wrong (glad it was just a minority...lol). But on the 22 of October at 7:47 pm, the feeling, the rush and the joy of achieving Supernova made all the low points of the year disappear.

2013 was a very educational year for me. I bought PT4 at the end of 2012 and started using the LeakTracker that came with it. It's pretty hard to know where you need improvement when you have no clue what needs to be improved. I had about 6 leaks that needed improvement (big ones). I searched PSO videos and found lots of info there, attended some classes specific to my leaks, read lots of articles and kept track every week of my progress on those leaks. I also reviewed every hand after my sessions (Gain or Loss of +/- 5BB), which gets you to ask yourself "Why the hell did I play this hand or Gee I was lucky on this one"

During the course of the year, I also decided to help people by posting articles, post my thoughts on some of the hands, share my views, basically be more involve in the community. But with my direct approach and my strong opinionated comments, they're not always accepted, I guess people now know me...LOL. I hope that at least some of you did take some information to try out. As you can all see, setting up goals with details can help you in your game or any part of your life. It's not easy, as you need dedication.

I can honestly say, that PSO did help me get to where I'm am, over the last 2 years with classes, videos, promotions, Poker League, trainers and the community in the forum.

I hope that all the others taking part in the 2013 Time Vault found it motivating  educational and rewarding. Good luck in 2014 and I wish you lots of success.