European Cruise

This was our first time in Europe, so we decided that the best way to see it, was to do a cruise. We departed from Rome (Civitavecchia, Italy) and visited Sicily (Messina, Italy), Athens (Piraeus, Greece), Ephesus (Piraeus, Turkey) and Chania (Crete Island, Greece). We had great weather all week.

The trip didn't start so great. Our suitcase didn't make it to the ship until the third day. This meant, no dinning in the master dinning room for 3 nights and missing out on 2 excursions. When we left Montreal it was very cold (3 Celsius), so we wore warm clothes. In Europe the temperature was around 25 Celsius, to hot for our clothes and in the dinning room, formal attire is mandatory. Therefore 3 days of wearing the same clothes and staying inside the ship, at least we had a balcony in our cabin.

The last 4 days were great and we did enjoy the rest of our vacation.

Here's the back end of the boat, the red dot was our cabin

And this is the dinning room.

Like I said earlier, we missed out on two excursions, Sicily (Messina, Italy) and Athens (Piraeus, Greece), so our first excursion was in Ephesus (Piraeus, Turkey). The tour took us to Ephesus Ancient City, it contains the largest collection of Roman ruins in the eastern Mediterranean. Only an estimated 15% has been excavated. The ruins that are visible give some idea of the city's original splendor, and the names associated with the ruins are evocative of its former life.

The tour ended in a carpet store were Turkish carpets and rugs, whether hand knotted or flat woven, are among the most well known and established hand crafted art works in the world. We saw one carpet worth 5 million dollars and we ended up buying a very small one (very small).

The city of Ephesus from the ship.

This is the Celsus Library built in the honor of Celsus Polemeanus in 110 A.D.

Our next stop was in Chania (Crete Island, Greece). Chania is the second largest city of Crete. Here we toured the country sides by bus and stopped in a few little towns and I mean little. We finished the tour in downtown Chania were we spend some time in the Municipal Market, which is said to be the best indoor/outdoor market in Europe.

Little white chapel for sailors.

Traditional street in the old town.

As for poker onboard the ship, none to be seen. There was one table, some information about a SnG tournament, but no players. Totally a different type of crowd on this ship compared to the Carnival Cruise Line, but I still prefer the Royal Caribbean Cruises Line.

Hope you enjoyed the read.