Two PSO members ask me if I could produce a video of how I play Fifty50. So I decided to do so. First a WARNING, I'm no trainer and I am not paid to do this. I just hope it will help players understand "Patience" is a key asset in winning at this game.

In this video, I decided to play 2 games of Fifty50 at $3.50. These are at regular speed, my favorite, because you've got plenty of time to wait for descent cards, position and against the right players. When playing turbo, you need to increase your range and it's not my style.

Sorry as there's no voice to the video, therefore no comments of why I played this way or that way. But if you've got a question, just note the time on the video and ask and if I remember (getting old), I'll gladly answer.

In this type of game, the main objective is to finish in the top 5 and if possible with as many chips as possible. All you need is 250 chips to get all your money back, so don't worry if you finish in 5th with 250 chips, that gives you the opportunity to try again.

Game 1
1st for $8.11
Game 2
1st for $8.80
ITM 100% ROI 142%