Warning: These are my thoughts and sorry if I frustrate some of you.

Who should you listen to?
Who's right?
What's the right play, what's the right answer?

Anybody can be a hand analyzer, but what's the right answer? I've been here for more than 2 years and I've seen so many answers to some of the hand analysis request, that if I was a new player, I still wouldn't know how to play that hand.

The people I would trust with a good answer and that I would listen to, would be the trainers or the hand analyzers (not necessarily all of them). When I say "good answer" it's because there's more than one answer, as a lot depends on the circumstances surrounding the situation. Most answers take in consideration the numbers game and completely forget about what matters the most and that's the players involve in the hand. So who's right? Depends on what you want to hear.

Most people want people to think like them, to agree with them, to see it like they see it.
- "Should I call an all in with AK?" "Oh yes, that's what I would do since it's a strong hand"
- "Should I call an all in with AK since I have 50% chance of winning?" "Oh yes it's plus value and you have pot odds"
- "My HUD says he's got such numbers, should I re-raise?" "With those numbers, yes I prefer to re-raise"

So, what's the right play or the right answer? Unfortunately most of the time, you'll see a generic answer and that's because not all the info is given, so usually you'll see a numbers analysis. I've said it so often, that numbers shouldn't dictate your play, that there's more to it than that.

Lets look at two hands

You're in the BB with 27s and as you know you have 3 choices: Fold, Call or Raise
SB min raises and I have 200BB, I'll re-raise
SB min raises and I have 50BB, I'll fold

You're in EP with 78s
I have 200BB, I'll raise
I have 50BB, I'll fold
I have 85BB and 3 players have over 200BB, I'll fold

How can one determine what's the best answer just by looking at numbers or what a HUD says. There's so much info that surrounds the way a hand should be played, but unfortunately, not all the info's are posted in the hand analysis request so that the right way of playing the hand is the definite one.

So there's no right answer, there mainly guide lines or if you want, "the basics" of how a hand should be played, then you just need to adapt them to the ALL the circumstances that surrounds that particular hand.

If you want a good answer give as much info as possible, not just the hand.

What type of Tournament or SnG, Regular, Turbo or Hyper, Freeroll, satellite, Entry fee, rebuy or not, How many players total, how many players left, how many get paid, your standing, player info, player stats if using HUD, etc etc.

For cash, Stake, number of players at table, Regular, Deep stack, Zoom, are you in profit or at loss, player info, player stats if using HUD, etc etc.

Hope this helps