Since I got back from Vegas, I had to do some catching up on some work, therefore the reason for my blog delay. It won't be very detail as John's (JWK), but the essentials should be there.

The trip didn't start on the right foot, as my flight was delayed by 3 hours, therefore missing my connection flights. So instead of arriving at 9 pm, I arrived at midnight and went straight to bed.

On Saturday the 28th of June, I met John for coffee before our tournaments. I was playing event # 53. I was sitting on a chair at a table in a room. I got moved 4 times in 5 hours and that didn't help as I was card dead. At one point I thought that they had removed all face cards. My best hand was AKs in the second hour, so I raised and got called, QQ7 is the flop and the player goes all in, so I folded. With 11BB left, I raise with KJs and get called, flop is K84 rainbow, I shove, he calls and shows KQo and I'm out. I then played a few slots and ended up with about $100.

On Sunday, I met up with John and Dave before our tournament, which was event #54. It was like a roller coaster, up and down. Lasted for about 5 hours (I think) when I got knock out with top 2 pairs. I raised with KJs and get called by the BB. The flop is KJ7 rainbow, he bets, I shoved, he calls with pocket 7's for trips.... ouch.

As for the rest of the day, once John was out, we stuck around watching Dave till he bagged his chips for day 2. We also had supper all three of us during his supper break.

On Monday, we kept Dave company, but he ran out of chips, but he still cashed big. We then decided to enter a big stack tournament. We were all sitting close to each other (2-3 tables apart). 3 hours in the tournament, I've got about 16BB and get dealt AA, so I decided to shove hoping the big stack would call, (he was being a bully at the table) he did and showed Q5s and the flop came QQx, Out I go.

John and Dave also went out not to long after, so we went for a beer on behalf of mt (thanks Mike). Since it was happy hour, it was even more Dave suggested we go play some $1-$3 cash, which we all did.

We started at different tables and 5 minutes later we were all sitting at the same table. I started with $300, then dwindled down and got taken by Dave's loose play. I raise with JJ and Dave calls. Flop is Jxx of club, I bet and he calls. The turn is x of diamonds, I bet he calls and the flop is x of hearts, I bet, he's thinking of raising but he opted in calling and shows Q5cc clubs for a flush to my set of Jacks. This made a nice dent in my stack which I then lost. I then reloaded for another $300 and 3 hands later my AK flush lost to a full which dropped me to $55. At this point I'm down $545. It's 3:30 am when I decided to make it a day (long night, 7 hours of cash and drinking) and finished at $731 for a profit of $131.

Tuesday was a relaxing day. I woke up at 2:30 pm, played a bit of penny slots for 2 hours before going back up and out for the day. Wednesday was my last day in Vegas. Met up with John at Arias, played slots of all kind and of course my Keno till about 9 pm as my flight was at 11:30 pm.

Even if I didn't come back with a bracelet or lots of money, I enjoyed my stay and met up with two great friend, Dave and John.

Hope we meet again